Ventoxx Double

Ventoxx Double - double air exchange in one decentralized heat recovery unit!

Ventilation volume at 3 speeds: 34 / 60 / 110 m3 per hour.
Noise level at a distance of 3 m: 15 / 19,4 / 23,4 dB.
Heat recovery efficiency: 94%.
Energy consumption: 3,2-5,2 W per hour.
Mounting hole diameter: 450 х 205 mm.

Who it's suitable for?
The Ventoxx Double HRV is perfect for residential high-rise construction projects as well as energy retrofit projects of buildings. It is also installed in large apartments, especially the studio type, in private cottages and country houses, schools, universities and other educational institutions, in meeting rooms and office facilities such as open spaces, large fitness centers and sports halls.

Maximum savings on installation are achieved by installing a decentralized heat recovery unit while replacing the window structures!

Five reasons to buy Ventoxx Double HRV

1. Maximum air exchange in one compact unit: up to 110 m3 per hour.
2. The guaranteed ventilation heat retention of up to 94% heat recovery!
3. An unprecedentedly quiet unit with a high level of performance.
4. Simple connection to the power supply.
5. Easier and faster installation without drilling round holes.

New! Installation on any floor without the involvement of high-rise building construction workers.

Distinguishing features of Ventoxx Double HRV over the other decentralized heat recovery units of Ventoxx™

  • This decentralized heat recovery unit has the highest level of performance in the product range of Ventoxx™, of up to 110 m3 per hour.
  • The rectangular housing of the decentralized heat recovery unit eliminates the need to drill holes with a diamond point bit and thus makes installation cheaper.
  • You purchase the unit already assembled.
  • The metal outer cover protects against strong gusts of wind and precipitation and allows installation on any floor.
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    Number of operating modes 7
    Number of speeds 3
    Ventilation volume, m³ per hour 34 / 60 / 110
    Heat recovery efficiency, % 94
    Noise level at a distance of 3 m, dB 15 / 19,4 / 23,4
    Voltage, V 100-230
    Power consumption, W 3,2–5,2
    Type of heat exchanger the ceramic heat exchanger (Germany)
    Temperature mode of operation, °C −20… +60
    The size of the mounting hole in the wall, mm 205 × 450
    Unit dimensions, mm 201 × 446 х 619
    EPS housing, mm 186 × 433 × 490
    Wall panel size, mm 186 × 434 × 59
    The metal outer cover, mm 195 × 440 × 85
    Placement method Vertical placement in the outer wall
    Filter G3, washable
    Energy efficiency class A
    Fan type Axial design
    Bearing type Rolling-element bearing
    The number of revolutions per minute up to 3000
    Maintenance Wash filters and a heat exchanger every three months. Replace filters every two years.
    Package Dimensions, cm 670 × 240 × 480
    Net Weight, kg no data
    Gross Weight, kg no data
    Number of boxes per Euro pallet 25

    Ventoxx Double HRV consists of an insulated rectangular housing containing two air ducts and a double set of accessories, similar to the Ventoxx Harmony HRV design. It allows this model of ventilation unit to reach the highest level of performance from the entire product range of Ventoxx™ while remaining quiet and easy to use.

    High-quality Austrian or German ceramic heat exchanger due to its optimal thermal-physical properties and advanced cell structure provides heat recovery (return) efficiency up to 94%! Ceramic is a hygienic material – the heat exchanger is not susceptible to the formation of bacteria, is not subject to frosting and performs its functions without damage to the efficiency of recovery even at temperatures down to -20°C.

    The decentralized heat recovery unit is controlled by an ergonomic remote control that allows users to select the ventilation speed as well as the operating mode. Temperature operation of Ventoxx Double HRV without loss of quality is possible in the range from -20 to +60°С.

    The combined wall panel of the decentralized heat recovery unit not only blends seamlessly into any interior but also displays the current unit operating mode with an unobtrusive indication. If desired, the indication of operating modes on the panel can be disabled. Wall panels can be made in different colors, depending on the color scheme of the interior and customer preferences. The colors available to order can be selected from the standard set or ordered individually in any color from the RAL color chart.

    The Ventoxx Double HRV series are equipped with G3 class washable filters that not only protect the decentralized heat recovery unit from dust but also prevent insects from entering the rooms. The recommended frequency of filter cleaning is once a quarter and its replacement is every two years.

    The decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery comes fully assembled and ready to install in the intended wall opening which significantly saves your time during installation. Installation is performed simply by sliding the unit body into the prepared hole on the room side. Thus, it is now possible to completely eliminate the need for the services of high-rise building construction workers during installation.

    The standard length of the decentralized heat recovery unit is 490 mm, which corresponds to the maximum wall thickness of the building, into the wall of which the factory-assembled unit can be installed. If it is necessary to install Ventoxx Double HRVs in walls of greater thickness, it is possible to manufacture units for a specific length according to the individual order.

    The design of the decentralized heat recovery unit is developed in such a way that it also implies installation close to the window structure. In this case, the fixing of the window to the bearing wall is made through the temporary opening provided in the body Ventoxx Double HRV for the passage of the anchor plate. It enables the furnishing of apartments, school classrooms, hospital wards, etc., with ventilation in combination with the replacement of windows.

    Ventoxx Double - hrv installation in the wall of building

    Advantages of the Ventoxx Double HRV

    • Double air exchange in one decentralized heat recovery unit is up to 110 m3 per hour.
    • Light indication of operating modes on the wall panel.
    • More ergonomic distribution of incoming air flows along the walls.
    • Additional noise attenuation from the outside.
    • Installation is in the outer wall without drilling holes, which reduces the cost of ventilation installation.
    • Installation on any floor without the involvement of high-rise building construction workers.
    • Simple connection to the power supply.
    • The indication is on the air intake diffuser.
    • It’s convenient to install at the same time as replacing windows.
    • The perfect solution for residential high-rise construction projects and energy retrofit projects of buildings.
    • Reinforced noise insulation on the inside of the cover.
    • User-friendly remote control.
    • The decentralized heat recovery unit is protected from wind and precipitation by the metal outer cover.
    • It can be equipped with additional Ventoxx Star noise attenuation elements.

    Ventoxx Double HRV components

    Ventoxx Double HRV components

    1 – moving part of the inner cover, 2 pcs
    2 – G3 class air filter, 2 pcs
    3 – mounting plate with indication of current operation mode
    4 – Ventoxx Star noise attenuation element, 2 pcs*
    5 – cartridge with a reversible fan, 2 pcs
    6 – ceramic heat exchanger in thermal insulation, 2 pcs
    7 – EPS housing with air ducts
    8 – metal outer cover
    9 – control panel.

    * If it is stipulated in the complete set chosen by the purchaser.

    Ventoxx Comfort HRV blueprint with dimensions

    Ventoxx Double decentralized heat recovery units were placed at the office center in Kyiv.

    Installation and Operating Instructions
    набір фільтрів G2 рекуператора Ventoxx
    Set of four G3 filters for Ventoxx Harmony and Double
    Set of four G3 air purification filters for Ventoxx Harmony and Ventoxx Double HRVs.

    375 hrn.


    Управление Ventoxx Twist
    Ventoxx Twist control system - не відображати
    Automatics Ventoxx Twist controls the Ventoxx Comfort, Invisible and Slim Line HRVs and has five speeds and seventeen operating modes.

    1500 hrn.